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An article posted in the New York Times, titled "The Uneven Playing Field", contained the following profound comments: "And we’re really on the up curve of this, because it’s still relatively recent that girls played sports in these large numbers. . . . So if you think we have a problem now, 10 years from now we’ll have a much bigger problem."


Together, we can make a difference! Join us in our quest to enhance the lives of young athletes. 


You can become a SHINE Ambassador by:

  • Starting a SHINE Chapter in your community or city. Help us reach more athletes and advance our mission where you are.  

  • Volunteering with us. We welcome high school athletes and community members who are looking to make a positive change.  

  • Partnering with us to create new programs. We are always looking for new program ideas for athlete empowerment and sports health. 

  • Bringing SHINE to your organization. We would love to help you incorporate SHINE into your existing curriculum or programs.

  • Donating to SHINE. Look here to see how you can donate online to support our programs. 



Want to become a SHINE Ambassador? Contact us!