Our Mission

Empowering athletes to become more resilient, self-reliant, and able to create positive change in themselves and others.



Knowledge is power for athletes!

  • No player is 100% at game time

  • Players need to know when an ache or pain is more than just soreness

  • There is not always someone to watch over players

  • Every player is different


ASK YOURSELF: Is it really a badge of honor to PLAY THROUGH THE PAIN?

Instead, learn to prevent and recognize injuries. If injured, stop playing and ask for help! Every minute you DON'T play injured makes a difference.

SHINE Spotlight 

SHINE is currently addressing the alarming increase in the number of debilitating sports-related injuries among young soccer and baseball athletes. Sports provide a lot of value to youth players, but there is also significant risk of injury, particularly among the pre-teen and teenage age groups.

SHINE Spotlight
  • Critcal age group: The rapid change in bones and muscle in adolescent players, caused by anatomical and hormonal changes, makes them susceptible to certain types of injuries. Male and female players undergo these changes at different times in their playing years (females, much earlier), however injury prevention is often only offered for the older age groups. This could be too little too late.

  • Common injuries: All young players are impacted by injuries common to their sport. ACL injuries, knee injuries and concussions are much more likely to occur in female players and can have lifelong consequences. Overuse injuries are another problem, because athletes often play through their pain.   

  • Lack of time: Players in this age group are dealing with an increasing amount of school work. Then, there are the intense year-round game schedule and other extra-curricular activities they are trying to keep up with. This leaves little time for young athletes to take care of themselves. The information they need is scattered and time-consuming to research and learn on their own.

  • Too expensive: Comprehensive programs are either not available everywhere or are too expensive. So, a lot of players are not able to take advantage of them.




The key to success is education, so players know how to take care of themselves and when to ask for help. SHINE empowers athletes so they can take charge of their own "sports health". All the information is presented to them at one location in a consumable way. 



SHINE is powered by a network of experts in the sports sciences, such as physical therapists, sports psychologists, athletic trainers and nutritionists. This is a group of individuals who are  passionate advocates for sports health in the pre-teen and teenage age group.





Our educational events and website deliver a wealth of information directly to athletes, so they can improve their resilience and performance. Athletes and organizations can tap into our network for content that suits their changing needs, or for consultation. We are in this together!