SHINE is designed to provide all the information, tools and techniques adolescent players need to improve their health and performance, at one location and in a consumable way. SHINE content can be seamlessly integrated into existing programs or offered at yearly / quarterly events. 



  • Educational clinics covering a series of sports health topics, through community facilities and sports organizations. 

  • Vendor and sponsor booths with free giveaways and information.

  • A Used Soccer Equipment Drive, where you can drop off new or lightly used athletic clothing and equipment. Donations will be shipped to underprivileged children around the world.



  • SHINE has developed a network of experts in the area of sports sciences, such as physical therapists, athletic trainers and nutritionists.

  • The SHINE website is a comprehensive collection of sports health articles, videos, as well as helpful links that players and coaches can look up at any time.




  • Injury prevention and recovery

    • Importance of proper warm-up

    • Exercises to improve strength and flexibility       

    • Demonstration of proper jumping and landing techniques

  • Proper nutrition and recovery

    • Best pre- and post-practice diet and post-game diet

    • Best meals before, during, and after  a 2 to 3-day tournament

    • Diet during the off-season rest period

    • Use of tools for recovery, such as foam rollers, soft ball and golf ball

    • The value of adequate sleep and rest after training and games

  • Sports psychology

    • Dealing with an injury and your return back to the sport

    • Sportsmanship and team work

    • The right mindset before and after a game



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